Callum is a qualified Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist, UKA qualified running coach, long distance runner at a national level and qualified Sports Scientist.  He dedicates his profession to helping clients solve their injury troubles and prepare in the most efficient way possible to ensure they can perform at their absolute physical peak when it matters.  Callum is also head coach and founder of NewEra Running Coaching, a team full of athletes all over the world.  Having lived and trained in one of the UK's most professional athletics environments, trained with the UK's best distance runners, and been treated by some of the best physiotherapists in the world, Callum wants to transfer his experience into helping sports men and women in a variety of sports to stay active, stay healthy and perform at their best, providing them with the treatment they need to achieve this.

NewEra Sports Therapy is working in conjunction with RunActive (Chelmsford) to provide the best services in the local area, where you can find expert advice, support. equipment, knowledge and treatment. No matter what profession you're in, which sport you participate in, NewEra is here to keep you healthy and active.